jus de fruit ozia

Ozia is all about fruits and their terroirs.

Born from a company that initially focused on agronomy, oenology and sciences of the soil, Ozia leverages on all its inherited knowledge to provide fruit juices of unmatched quality. Its life sciences and soil engineers combine their expertise to search around the world, analyze and select, not only the best soils and the best climate but also the best fruits that can be grown on those soils at this place.

Ozia, intransigence on quality

After selecting the best fruits from the best locations, our team puts all its attention to preserv- ing the quality of the raw product. Those exceptional fruits deserve the best technics and skills to extract a juice that will then provide its full flavors. Thus, we always favor the gentlest processes for this extraction.

Naturally balanced, our juices are self-sufficient. The optimal sweetness/acidity ratio was acquired while the fruits were growing, through natural processes of sun maturation. This approach enables us to deliver pure juices, totally free of any additive (be it acids, sugar, water or preservatives).

As a result, they deliver rich and complex flavors, combined with a thirst- quenching and long lasting balance of tastes.

Ozia respects the growers and their land

Ozia’s initial focus was to valorize fruits that would not find their way to the fresh fruit market. Modern ways of commercializing fresh fruits would mean that a lot great tasting fruits would be wasted: fruits that looked ÒimperfectÓ, fruits produced at a period of market saturation.... This situation was unacceptable to us. True to its people and environment focus, Ozia now still works directly with growers in order to help them optimize the value of their production.

All of the Ozia range of fruit juices was nominated at the International Food Fair in Paris in Paris as innovative product of 2012.