Apple juice

The apple is without any doubt the fruit by excellence. Do you know that the oldest European (apple orchards) come from the Basque Country and Asturias? Until the mid-twentieth century, each “Oustau” had one’s own apple orchard These apple trees are from ten varieties particularly well adapted to each local terroir and not sensitive to diseases

Tasting notes :
The apple juice OZIA is cloudy and matt.
Its texture is rich with fine lees that
might be present naturally in the
bottom of the bottle. The fruity
aromas are very present, intense and complex. The apple aromas can sometimes reveal some anise tastes. The flavors are in turn balanced without sugar excess and do not saturate the palate. We note a slight tannic presence but it is never astringent. Refreshing and gourmand, this apple juice is a source of pleasure and for many a return to the original taste.

Apple Juice Ozia