Orange juice

The Orange Juice from Ozia is the third citrus juice of our range. As for all other juices, the engineers of OZIA have selected an exceptional terroir thanks to the geologic, soil, microclimatic and agronomic sciences. Those orange orchards are planted on the clay and limestone ground, located in the HAUT GUADALQUIVIR, close by CARDOUE. We are really pride to have found this terroir, whose the edaphic characteristics allow an orange production of high quality in the aromatic and nutritional way.

Tasting notes :
After shaking the orange juice OZIA has a clear color. The texture without pulp is rich and smooth. The orange aromas are strong and give a feeling of finesse and purity at the end of the tasting. The flavors are balanced and so really fresh. This juice can be consumed all day.

Orange Juice Ozia